Saturday, May 29, 2010

New varietal tasting

I bought a bottle of the Seghesio Family Vineyards Fiano. Seghesio ( is a Sonoma, California winery and a solid producer of quality wines. The Fiano grape is native to Italy but seems to have started gaining some exposure outside of Italy. I had read something about it, then just happened to see this bottle in the Cellar wine store and decided to try it.

It has been a bit since I drank it, but we enjoyed it on a sunny evening. It is a dry white wine, similar in body to a pinot grigio/sauv blanc. It had a really nice clean feel to it that I loved and on the back end a bit of minerality. This is based off a poor memory, but I remember really enjoying it. Given a guess, I'd say it is probably not put in oak. It was about $20 a bottle, so a bit high for a summer white. However, well worth the experience of trying a brand new varietal.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Out way too long

It has been way too long since coming here and I've missed writing. I hope to have some notes for you shortly. A couple things to consider...

There is a meetup group for wine in Anchorage. Just search for Wine and join.

There are a few new wine clubs - try Crush or La Bodega if you want a monthly selection.

Midnight sun, garden-fresh veggies, fresh Salmon... bring on Alaska and some great wines to enjoy it with!